Safe and gentle healthcare in East London

Lesley Murphy RSHom Homeopathic Practitioner
020 7790 8421

The ethos of my practice is to give you the tools to grow, develop and change in the way you choose. Homeopathic remedies support you to make these changes. Homeopathy assists the body's own ability to heal itself.
The homeopath will select remedies that match the symptoms of each individual.

  • Consultation includes remedies - given on the day or dispatched within 48 hours
  • Consultation by attending clinics, phone call or Skype
  • Concession and children's rates available
23A Cephas Avenue, Stepney Green, E1 4AS

Contact me on 0207 790 8421 or lesleymurphy54@yahoo.com for times and to book.

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