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                               Homeopathic Remedies for Christmas                       Hangovers We are all prone to eating and drinking too much at Christmas, and our bodies need help to  cope with the consequences. Nux Vomica 30  is a great remedy to have in your First Aid box at this time. It's a cleansing remedy that has an affinity with the liver and the head. One dose of Nux Vomica every hour for 3-4 hours will help clear the awful headache, dizziness and nausea that go with a hangover. Remember to re-hydrate with plenty of water, and get your blood sugar up again after the alcohol. Toast and honey is always good! And a nice cup of tea. Chills If you get caught out in the wind at a cold bus-stop, and then start a sore throat, sneezing or coughing when you get home, your body needs a remedy to help it cope with the impact of being chilled. Aconite 30  will get your immune system on top again and help to prevent a nasty cold. Take one dose every hour f

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